Did you learn to blog the hard way too?

Well, I did. 

But maybe you had this blog thing all figured out from the very beginning. Not me, I flopped and dangled like a fish on a hook for a couple of years. Yes, years before I found my footing.

I found my way by reading other websites.

Some good, some not so good, and some, well no way did I have that kind of time, but anyway I managed to find something to help me as I stumbled along my way.

First let me say, I’m a writer that blogs. Not a professional blogger.

There is a difference. When I started out I didn’t know there was such a thing as a professional blogger.

I don’t strive to have a 100,000 followers and a bazillion sponsors at Jean’s Writing. Wait I take that back, 100k followers would be okay. But I’d rather write a few good books first. How’s that for clearing up muddy water?

However, I do wish I’d understood all that is involved and required to have a good blog. I admire bloggers and all the work that goes into producing great blogs. The time and creativity to produce day after day good information for their readers is nothing short of amazing. 

So to start the New Year off right, here are some tips from my go to blogger  I wish I’d read them in the very beginning. I hope y’all get a gold nugget out of them to make your blogging more successful in 2016.

Happy New Year and happy blogging.

7 Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

How to Immediately Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

How to Find a Wealth of Free Stock Photos


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7 thoughts on “Did you learn to blog the hard way too?

  1. Wow – went over to the SITS Girl site – impressive!!!!! I started my blog knowing nothing about blogging. I have learned along the way, still learning, plugging along. I don’t have massive numbers, but I absolutely adore the bloggers I have met over the last year.

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  2. Thanks so very much Jean! You promoted three of my posts! I am so flattered. I am truly honored that you are recommending my blogging tips to your readers. Thank you, and Happy New Year to you.

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