Want to give your best pitch?

Learning to write a good logline is the best way.

Do you write that logline before or after you’ve written that novel? First and you’re ready to go when the time comes to share your novel. But everyone has their own system.

I think it’s important to write it first. And then put it on a post it note where you can see it every day. Sort of like a guiding sign post. 

I use my logline, my elevator pitch if you will and to stay on target. Sometimes I might need to revise, rewrite or tweak it a bit. Like I’m doing today. But as long as I can see it, I can keep writing.

It helps me to get back to the basics. Not to get bogged down in explaining so much too soon. 

Giving that elevator pitch to ourselves every day, reminding us what the end game is, helps keep the story on track and avoids a lot of story derailment. 

If you’re looking for a formula to help read – Writing a Killer Logline.


Remember a logline gives the gist of your story in one or two sentences.

Doesn’t give everything away and doesn’t mention names.

How to write a logline.

I’d love to read some of your loglines. Please share with us in the comments section.

Here’s the logline on my post it note.

“In a small nowhere town, a young girl finds a strange book, and soon learns the true meaning of be careful what you wish for.”


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