How to ask the right questions

As a writer, I’m discovering more and more the importance of asking the right questions.

The questions are how we find good ideas for our writing. Questions make us work to think of answers.

I’m always on the lookout for more ways I can improve as a writer. Ways I can find incorporate good ideas in my writing.

On Wednesday, I gave you a link to a question that might spark the old brain cells. Robin Oliver suggested you ask the question “I am often asked…”

Then I read Jane Friedman‘s post. The lights flickered and I heard bells ringing as I realized just how many questions needed to be asked.

The Big Reason Why Agents and Editors Often Stop Reading 

Not just one to get started, but question after question throughout a story is what keeps the reader turning the pages.


Everyone knows the standards, – What if? – Who, what and when?

But what about…

If you applied those questions over and over in each scene?

Will he succeed? Who pulled the lever? Who ran by? When will she recognize her true love? What is he doing? Who does that belong to? Where did it come from? How did she find that?

See where I’m heading.

Now, you head over and read the Jane Friedmans post and let me know did this help?

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