How to write in the in-between

Weird, I know.

But how many times do we get bogged down in the muck of too many details? A small scene involving backstory or an effort to flesh out a character quickly turns to an info dump.

Or we lean the other way by not giving enough info to engage the reader.

Maybe I’m the only writer out there with these problems. But I don’t think so. My biggest problem is I lean toward too little in an info scene. That can leave a reader scratching their head, not sure what’s happening.

As  a writer, finding a good balance is important.

Give the readers the information needed to understand the theme, and characters without going off on a boring tangent.

In theory, it sounds simple.

However, I’ve found writing those in-between scenes anything but easy or simple. Why? Because every scene, big or small, should have a life of its own.

So if you’re struggling with a particular scene, the following article might give you a push in the right direction.

Alex Limberg over at Write it Sideways, gives us 4 suggestions for writing those types of scenes. Suggestions that keep the story moving.

Stash, Trash or Refresh: The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Boring In-Between Story Parts

Tell me, do you struggle with the in-betweens? Let me know in the comments section and follow me @jeancogdell on Twitter and jean.cogdell on Facebook!

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