How to add sizzle and sparkle

Is your writing sometimes too vanilla?

I’m not talking about ice cream. Although Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla is my all time favorite. Not everyone likes that flavor. When it comes to writing as a reader, I prefer a little more spice, action and color.

With just a few changes turn that vanilla into Rocky Road.

Sometimes it’s hard to add tasty, sizzling descriptions without bogging everything down in purple prose. No one wants something that is all purple.

Instead, we want to see a kaleidoscope of color.

Words that paint a picture bright and cheery or dark and threatening can be as effective as a 3D movie. Readers want the sparkle that keeps them turning the pages.

Do you ever have problems keeping the rhythm of your writing from slowing to a boring waltz? I do. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful waltz, and done right can be exciting and romantic.

But listening to elevator music will eventually put me to sleep, and so too will our readers.

This post over at Copy Blogger, is a great reminder to keep the razzle, dazzle, sparkle in our writing to the delight of our readers.

4 Delightful Editing Tips to Make Your Words Dazzle and Dance by  



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