Do you have a monster holding you back?

Okay, I’ll fess up!

Number two is my biggest issue.

I’m so bad at having a dozen tabs open.

After checking my emails, I leap from article to article and before I know it the morning is gone. One glance at the clock and I want to kick myself.

There are so many great tips with which I can enhance my blog or WIP, I want to read them all. But I’ve got to learn to wrangle in those dang monsters of distraction.

One suggestion is to switch up your location. For me, moving from my desk to the back porch, in good weather, does seem to jog my creative juices.

Which one is your nemesis?

6 Monsters Killing Your Writing Ability by Adam Davis

So get going and slay a monster or two.

Now time for me to stop playing with all these tabs and get back to writing.

dragon paper

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