Please give me your input!

I’m getting close.

But I sure could use some feedback.

Should I pick one of these or find someone to do a professional cover. Think I’m about ready to do the self-publish route.

Please give me your thought! I need some input.


BookCoverPreview (1)

BookCoverPreview (3)

As ever, thanks so much for your help.

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20 thoughts on “Please give me your input!

  1. The last one definitely. The only concern may be that the background is too white. I had the same problem when tinkering around with my own cover. I asked a person who I knew would give me honest feedback and they said that my cover looked too washed out. So back to the drawing board I went! lol And a trick I learned about making my title stand out is having it match or closely match a color used in my background. Your character I see has golden brown hair, and you could always see how your title would look making it match that color (to help make it pop). From what I’ve learned about doing my cover myself is that it takes a lot of patience! But I do really like the last choice 🙂 Good luck with it!

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  2. Only you can decide about using a pro for the cover or not. I did and love my covers but that doesn’t mean it’s the right route for everyone. I’m going to be blunt – in the spirit of helping – but it’s only my opinion, and I’m not a professional in this area – I think the first two covers look homemade. The white one looks professionally done. As Sheila says, you could make the title a little bigger in the white one. Now, I’m nervous about saying any of this, but I hope it helps.

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        1. Have to agree with Kristina. The yellow one suffers from lack of kerning in the letters, the grey one needs less tilt on the picture and to not overlap with the text and the white one, if the title must go over the picture, you need a semi-transparent white box rather than a white one so you don’t lose the boy’s knees or the basketball.

          These are all things a pro would avoid – I say do it. It’s a one-off cost that will improve sales immeasurably.

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  3. I like the last one and the grey; However, the title kinda looks lost on the white one. Maybe make the figure a bit smaller. Another thought, just my opinion. I’m not crazy about the title. It’s sounds more grown-up and your audience. What about using the characters name?
    I would shoot for something funny.

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