How to string together a story.

I’m a big fan of Larry Brooks over at and his books.

But I have to admit, sometimes all this story structure stuff just zooms right over my head.

For me, a story begins with one scene. A scene I can’t get out of my head. However, often times that’s as far as it goes. After that, I get stuck.

Larry writes about a different way to look at story structure. Just string together the scenes. What came before and what happened after your mind captativing scene. Although, it’s still a little more difficult than stringing beads, his explanation is eye-opening.




Read for yourself and see if it takes a little of the mystique out of story structure writing.

The Non-Structural Language of Story

He also gives additional links to help us along our route to understanding.

Check out his post.

Do you struggle to understand the structure of story writing?

Talk to me.

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6 thoughts on “How to string together a story.

  1. I usually let the story build itself, when I read about the homeworks you guys do I feel a bit intimidated, actually lot intimidated!

    I mostly start (often without a sketch) and then just write, mostly finish the story at one go.

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