Do we ever stop learning?

I don’t think so, not if we want to be good at our craft.

That’s why I link back to so many different writers and blogger here at Jean’s Writing.

Because I’m still learning. Right along with you.

And I want to learn from the best.

There is a world-wide web is filled with amazing writers who have been there and done everything!

Never stop clicking or Learning!

Finding nuggets of gold among the chaff is so much fun. Some days my mind is brimming with TMI (too much information.) However, writing about what I’m learning as I go helps me assimilate the mountains of information.

So in that vein…

Take it away Bridget!

Writing a novel: 7 tips from bestselling authors

Way to go girl. These are good. And show that there is a no-size-fits all way to write.

So whether you are a plotter or a pantster, just remember you are not alone and as always, keep the story yours.

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Thank you!
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