How do you use a writing prompt?

Y’all know how much I love prompts.

When my brain is dry as dust and I’m scraping the bottom for ideas seems as if a writing prompt lights a fire and once again I’m off and running.

But what is the best way to use a writing prompt?

Recently, I read an article that gave me more food for thought about the use of writing prompts.

How to Use Writing Prompts to Become a Better Writer By

She gave suggestions how best to use prompts to become a better writer as well as a published writer. I suggest you hop over to The Write Life and read this great article on getting the most out of writing prompts.

Are you getting the biggest bang possible from a writing prompt?

Let me know your technique in the comments section. I love new tips. Please pass this post on to your Facebook and Twitter pals.
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6 thoughts on “How do you use a writing prompt?

  1. I like prompts for sparking creativity. I don’t really have a technique so much as I go with a spontaneous connection. Then I use a constraint (form or word count) to refine the creative idea into a story. I’m inspired by the variety of responses to a single prompt, which is why I host a weekly challenge for flash fiction.

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