Are you ready to compete?

Ready, or not, maybe it’s time to dust off that story, novel or poem.

Dusty book

Look hard enough and you can find a contest for just for you.

Thanks to Virginia Anderson for letting me know about a The 2015 Green River Writers Annual Contest. Entry fees $3, now that’s a bargain. They offer cash prizes. The contest is open to poets, novelists, short story and nonfiction writers. Seems as if they have it all. Hurry, contest closes August 31, 2015.

Southwest Writers offer a bimonthly contest. Check out their website for deadlines and topics.

There is still time to enter Shonda Brock Paranormal Romance Author  Flash Fiction Contest and win $100 prize. Deadline closes August 24, 2015.

For a List of Creative Writing Competitions in 2015 check out Almond Press.

Now about that dusty novel…

Flash 500 Novel Opening Chapter Competition Annual competition for unpublished novels to be judged by senior editors at Crooked Cat Publishing. Win £500. Runner up £200. Opens on 1st May 2015. Deadline: 31st October 2015 Submit: opening chapter of no more than 3,000 words, plus 1 page synopsis. Check website for full submission details and rules.

Harry Bowling Prize for New Writing Intended to encourage new, unpublished fiction. Looking for genuine storytellers who entertain with drama, romance and great characters. Your novel must have an urban setting. Runs every two years: next due in 2016 with calls for entries in 2015. Win £1,000 and a critique of your work by publishing industry experts. Deadline: TBC  Submit: first chapter (no more than 5,000 words), synopsis (no more than 500 words), plus entry form. Check website for full submission details and rules.

For more, check out the list of Book & Novel Writing Competitions put together by Christopher Fielden.  

Anyone out there know of a good contest?

Let us know in the comments section because y’all know how much I love those comments.

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14 thoughts on “Are you ready to compete?

  1. wraps up their newsletter contest tomorrow,There’s no entry fee this time, and a nice set of prizes in 3 categories. I hear this will become a bimonthly thing. They might be running another anthology contest soon, too. They’ve got a couple of new editors with creative ideas over there.

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