Learn how to write emotional scenes

Want to make your readers feel?

Head over and read how Rylan Lanz explains the…

Make Your Readers Cry: Writing Emotional Scenes.

My excerpt might not make you cry but I hope it makes you smile.
“Thanks,” I said, “I’m lucky you came along.”
I pushed the wet hair from my eyes and looked into his. That crooked grin stopped my heart. I cleared my throat not trusting myself to say anything else, afraid I’d sound like a blubbering idiot.
“Glad to help. Here.” Mitch said, “Not sure how clean it is but I guess it’s better than nothing.”
I took the small towel he offered. Our fingers touched and thoughts of that strong hand wiping the rain from my body sent shivers down my spine.
“T t thanks,” I stammered. God I sounded like a simpering teenager.
Mitch turned the heat up and pulled back on to the highway. I dabbed at my hair with the dirty towel covered in grime and the smell of man. This was one towel I had no intention of returning.  

Give a try at writing something emotional and post it in the comments section. (50-150 words)

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2 thoughts on “Learn how to write emotional scenes

  1. I moved toward him slowly. His eyes focused on me, only me. The whisper whistling through his lips made me tingle. “Thirty one,” he said once, twice, three times. “Thirty one times and I pray for thirty one more.” I gulped. I slid into his arms as he sighed, “Thirty one times we’ve toasted to our years together. Happy Anniversary, my love.”
    (That’s as emotional as I could get today – tomorrow is our 31st!) xo

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