How to Write Yummy Scenes

I don’t like change.

Gonna be up front about this, I don’t like change and I like things simple and familiar.

Yep, I’m a creature of habit.

Take the grocery store. Why do they have to rearrange the aisles every six months? Just about the time I’ve got shopping down to a science, and can race through the aisles like an Indy 500 driver, the manager decides to move around every damn thing. Why? For the love of God, why?

coffeeAnd adding insult to injury, the store puts in new displays that now makes finding my favorite brand of coffee a new version of finding Waldo. Seamless rows blending Starbucks, Folgers and various boxes in a rainbow of colors that even my reading glasses can’t decipher.

A great article by Michelle Russell over at Write to Done got me to thinking.
If I want readers to come back for more, maybe my writing should be like a box of chocolates, delicious, delectable, yummy and easy to get to.

chocolate baby

Maybe they don’t want scenes that are complicated or hard to follow, that cause them to sit back and scratch their head in confusion.

Just maybe, like me, they prefer reading scenes that are addictive, pleasant, compelling, enjoyable and easy to read.

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna try to write more lip smacking good scenes for my reader to enjoy.

What do you think?

Head over to Write to Done and let me know what you think about Ms. Russell’s article, because… you know I love comments, and if you’re not already, please follow me @jeancogdell on Twitter or jean.cogdell on Facebook!


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