Write About an Underdog in Your Story

U = Underdog

Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog; the loser, small fry, runner-up, the little guy.

Stories about underdogs are pervasive in sports, politics, religion, literature, film and even commercials.

Politicians use the underdog concept advertising their humble origins, lack of resources, and determined struggle against the odds. From President Obama to Tea Party Republicans, it’s a running theme to see who can out poor-mouth the other.

Underdog author J.K. Rowling, was a welfare mother who wrote seven bestselling books, creating a lovable underdog character, Harry Potter, an inexperienced but passionate orphan who grew up in a closet.

I could name dozens of terrific books about underdogs from kids books to thrillers but you probably have your favorites.

So make sure you write an underdog into your story.

One in which, readers can grow to love and cheer to victory.

Flash Serial Continued:

Rachel unbuttoned another button and rolled up her sleeves. Much longer and she’d consider breaking regs and stripping down to her tee-shirt. No sign of life for over an hour, not even a damn snake to break the boredom. She’d never live this down when she made it back to the office. If she made it back to the office.

Just one more screw-up for the guys to rib her about, not that they needed anything. As the youngest Ranger, she endured the guys teasing and her new nickname “the kid” but she was determined to prove herself. She just wished her dad were still around to see how hard she worked. At least he’d watched her walk across the stage at University of Texas and later write her first traffic ticket as beat cop. God how she missed him. She wouldn’t mind being called “Randall’s kid” if he were around to laugh with her. He was a tough act to follow.

She wiped the dust from her eyes and stepped to the side, waiting for the truck to stop.

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