Today Two for One

Q = Quit & Quest

Quit: Give up, stop, relinquish, resign, abandon.

Quest: A mission, expedition, hunt, pursuit, or search for something. To chase, seek, hunt, pursue or go in search of something or someone.

How boring would your story be if it was just about the protagonist? Or about someone who quit every time the going got tough?

A good story is about something happening to the protagonist. A problem that needs fixing, a solution that needs finding or a need that needs fulfilling. A quest. A quest with clear opposition and with something to lose if they fail, and about someone who doesn’t quit.

It’s been a rough few days and I feel like throwing in the towel. Not feeling well can stifle the creative flow. Plus, the A to Z challenge is harder than I thought it would be and not for the faint of heart. Today, I feel like quitting.

But like any good protagonist I’ll keep trying to finish the quest and make it to Z.

She’d left any marked evidence of civilization over an hour ago. If the scenery didn’t change soon, her mark would see her coming for miles. Little to no traffic passed her on the long flat highway, an occasional rusty pickup didn’t count. Rachel checked the map on her phone. Less than an hour to go before she reached her target. There had to be a way to sneak close without detection. Maybe closer to the Red River a solution would appear.

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11 thoughts on “Today Two for One

  1. Southern gis never quit. We just get a little dramatic, fluff our hair, stick our lips out in a pout or have a hissie fit until one of three things happen: 1) we feel better 2) those around us help us feel better or 3) we stick our chest defenitly out and show them/it hideout been girls do it! You have iron you, I’m sure of it!


  2. Oh God! While my self-protetive veneer doesn’t allow me to call it quitting, I’ve left a lot of people, places and things, a lot of stories dangling without endings, naked, undone. I guess that’s quitting too.
    I love the fragment you’ve posted though, since I’m a new reader I’m not sure where it belongs in your larger scheme of things but I’d like to read more.


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