How to write a premise for your story

P = Premise

Writing a Premise vs Concept

The premise and the concept, are not the same.

A premise is the essence of a story that unfolds based on the concept.

A concept is a story organized around a main idea or theme.

In fiction, a premise contains three things:

  1. the protagonist  an event provokes the protagonist to act (not react)
  2. the setting – where the protagonist acts on some desire with purposeful intention
  3. the problem the protagonist faces – chaos and adventure leads to resolution

A premise identifies the need and proposes a solution for the hero and implied plot . A high conceptual theme can empower the story.

The premise is a general description (foundation) of the story you plan to tell. With a premise you shape an idea into a story with a two or three sentence statement, similar to a log-line.

A premise acts a guide for the writer, helping when you get stuck, and keeping you on the path to the heart of your story. It doesn’t have to be fancy or jaw dropping but a good premise is a lifeline for the writer keeping you grounded and on track.

The premise of my short serial.

A female Texas Ranger is working in the San Antonio office. She feels the need to prove herself as capable as any of the men as she sets out to find the hacker that held her computer for ransom. Leading her on a chase across the state of Texas to catch her man.

What do you think?

For info on writing a premise check out the links below:


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