Put fear in your writing


To deliberately arouse fear, awe or alarm.

Think of your story as a news broadcast. A news anchor peppers each story with fearmongering. Why? To get and keep you tuned in and watching. And let’s not forget the politicians or their ads.

Look at your WIP and find places to interject fear words.

Fear is a powerful emotion used to grab your reader’s attention. Go for the jugular.

Fearmongering keeps the pace tight and moving.

Below are just a few fear words. Listen to the news tonight and see how many you count in tonight’s breaking news.

English: Words associated with Fear
Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Agony, Assault, Backlash, Beating, Beware, Blood, Bomb, Catastrophe, Caution, Corpse, Crazy, Danger, dead, Devastating, Embarrass, Fail, Fired, Fool, Frantic, Hazardous, Horrific, Invasion, IRS, Jail, Lawsuit, Looming, Lurking, Meltdown, Mistake, Murder, Nightmare, Painful, Panic, Plague, Poison, Revenge, Risky, Scary, Scream, Shatter, Suck, Tailspin, Terror, Trap, Victim, Volatile, Warning, Wounded


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