Want them to remember your writing?


Want your readers to come back for more then…

Make your characters and scenes appear more. More of everything.

  • More common, or more important, more of what is true or usual.
  • Overstate the obvious, mundane, and ordinary until your words are extraordinary.

With the letter D, I explained how I to build characters, scenes and even sentences little by little.

Today I’m writing about the reverse.

Write every sentence, every paragraph with grand embellishment. Then cut the to make palatable.

Exaggerate your writing to the point of extreme and then pare it to almost the believable.

Why? Because…

  • The jokes you remember and retell are the most outlandish.
  • Hit TV shows that skirt the ridiculous.
  • We even remember terrible and the beautiful.
  • The unbelievable, outrageous, scary movies you watched years ago, still give you the creeps.
    • Can anyone say Psycho?

I still don’t like to shower unless I can see through the curtain.

Michael strutted in owning the place, six-feet of Cowboy oozing pure testosterone, his dark curls falling over to die for chocolate eyes that zeroed in on me flushed and sweating like a whore in church.  

Okay, that was a long, silly sentence, but I bet you could picture Michael. A handsome, cocky Devil. Whew, getting hot in here…

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