And The Winner IS…

Thanks to all who played along and made the build-up to All Hallows Eve so much fun. There were so many good entries, it was hard to pick.

Check out their websites.

First Place:

Goes to Sheila, for:

She laughed, tossed the horoscope into the trash and picked up the bowl of Halloween candy as the doorbell rang. The bowl crashed to the floor, “I sent a message,” the Grimm Reaper said.



Runner up:

goes to Jez Farmer, for:

She rose from the basket as she arrived at her destination. Behind her the axe-man disposed of her decapitated body and wiped his sword ready for next traveler on the road to hell.

badge (1)


Guys, you can copy and paste your badges to your website if you want.

Thanks again everyone and

Happy Halloween.



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