Getting Creative

Summer is almost over but you’d never know it here in Texas. The heat is still in the triple digits and I have the summer blues. My brain feels like it’s been cooked and turned to molasses. I must not be alone. Seems as if every other email today was regarding a must read book on how to get back to your writing muse. Well I’ve too many books, too little time now and did I mention it’s too damn hot.

Me, I’m all into short cuts. Easier the better. Now don’t go writing to me how nothing worthwhile in life is easy… Did I mention how hot it is here in Dallas?

Now where was I? Oh yeah. While I was reading yet another email, about another great book, I wondered if there might be an easier way to achieve the same results. Oh dear me, see my mind is mush. That was a terrible sentence. Anyway… the book this blogger ask me to consider was a book of prompts. So as my daughter is so fond of saying, I Googled it. And voila! I found quite a few.

But I’m not going to bombard you with them, it’s too damn hot. Here are a couple I liked and I found to be fun. Check them out. Creativity, or Of course you could just Google Writing Prompt Generator and find a different one to your liking.

Here is the four word prompt I used from Creativity and the results. Have fun and find your Muse.

  • barrel
  • pyjamas
  • clown
  • decay

I slipped a coat on over my pyjamas and went outside. Some clown had left the barn door open. At the opening I wrinkled my nose at the stench of decay. No one had mucked the stalls in days. The smell grew worse as I neared a large barrel at the back of the barn.


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