Pitfalls you might avoid

Did you know when you pay companies such as CreateSpaceLulu and the like to produce your cover and/or interior, they retain the copyright to those designs, not you? I do now. That’s just one of the tidbits I learned today.
So if you’ve ever thought about self publishing your book. Hop over to Shewrites.com and read Be Smart not Taken… STACEY AARONSON‘s  post is a must read. First time I’d heard of a Book Doctor.  Great info and things to do and not do. Red Flags to watch for and huge to mistakes to avoid. This is one article that is definitely going in my cliff notes file.

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One thought on “Pitfalls you might avoid

  1. Thank you for posting my blog link! Welcome to all who want to write — and live — their best chapter! Diana Bletter, The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle


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