How to use a simple method for a good story?

Of course, we all understand writing is hard. But what if you could simplify the process of starting?

Recently, I stumbled across an interesting article that helped me formulate this idea of change-

How to Write a Good Story: You’ll Love This Simple Method by 

In this article, I learned how to break down a story smaller and smaller until I get to the core.

Dead or Alive written on paper

  • One word can change a sentence.
  • One changed sentence can change a paragraph.
  • One changed paragraph can change the plot.


And how to successfully use PLOT Mutation.

Looking at sky through cutout

By looking at a story with a different perspective and making a simple, but profound change, you can turn an old plot into your own.

Give Tal’s article a read and see if you can manipulate a story into something new.




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