How to not write a badass novel

I’ve worked on my novel for a year now and it’s slow going. Sometimes it’s because I can’t stop editing as I go, other times life gets in the way. So, I worry if by the time I finish the damn thing will it be obsolete.

Obsolete Technology, Microfilms

Do you want your novel to fail?

I don’t, and just like the old TV series, What Not to Wear, I don’t want to jump on a trend train only to find it’s so last season.  I want to stay current, not writing a historical novel, and relative to my readers. Thanks to Fay Weldon for a timely article on how not to write a novel. Now when I do my rewrites I know what to look for.

Will my novel fit her “how not to” list?

Great question!

According to Fay, here is what I need to watch for.

  • Avoid writing like a robot. Show a bit of personality. Don’t bore the reader to death. This makes my book uniquely mine.
  • Watch out for the age gap. Hmm, glad to know because I didn’t realize there was one in writing.
  • Give the book an attention-grabbing, strong title. Okay, this I knew but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
  • In addition to writing a bang-up novel, write a sparkling synopsis. Another difficult task for me. Sigh…
  • Give readers a relatable character.
  • Don’t write like an old codger. Words change, so make sure you change with the times. Keep up with the times by reading current authors.
  • Be careful trying to find the best seller genre. Niche marketing is where it’s at. Find out where yours fits. Romance is a fail-safe, but erotica is not. Satire, there’s no market for it.
  • Have something to say but don’t preach. Don’t let a reader close your book and wonder “what the hell.” Let them see the “heart of your book.”
  • Set your imagination free. Writing about evil doesn’t make you evil, writing about sex doesn’t make you a slut. Go where your characters take you with gusto.
  • Don’t write to get rich. Nothing new there. LOL

Check out Fay’s article and tell me what spoke to you.

Death Of A She Devil author gives her tips on how *not* to write a novel… By FAY WELDON

Do you have suggestions on how not to write?

What did you think of the article?

Are you hitting all the right points?


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3 thoughts on “How to not write a badass novel

  1. “Give readers a relatable character” – this is really good advice, and I like to think about it a bit further. I try to give my characters relatable _problems_. Even if I write a book about a time travelling vampire caveman who controls weather with his hair, if he stubs his toe everyone is like “oh man, I feel your pain, strange troglodyte from the past”

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