3 thoughts on “Write it Wednesday

  1. I could not agree more. It’s odd to me that people focus so much on story. When I finish a good book the first thing people tend to as is “What was it about?” If I can actually answer that question then it normally means that I was not too taken with it.
    But if asked the same question about a really good book …. a book that changed me (and I don’t think any book you read that doesn’t change you just a little bit is worth your time) I can respond with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders.
    My view is that if I could explain a book to someone then the book really doesn’t mean much at all. If these things could easily be explained then we would have no need of books.

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    1. Well said. I often feel that way about a book. I savor the story but have difficulty describing in-depth why. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only person out there.


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