How to select the picture you want for your post

Are you frustrated with Facebook?

Irritated every time you click the share button and Facebook chooses the wrong picture to post?

Me too!

What’s this all about? Apparently, from what I’ve been able to find out, Facebook controls this in an effort to stop people from changing legit articles by adding fake pictures.


I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the same picture posting every time I click share. So, I’ve discovered a workaround. Well, works most of the time.

Instead of clicking on the share button, try this.

  • First copy your post address. (  https://      )
  • Open your Facebook page.
  • Paste the post address in Facebook.

The link should show default picture with arrows so you can select a different image.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to SCRAPE/DEBUG your Facebook. 

Click on this link – FACEBOOK DEBUG

After you click the Debug Button go a little lower and SCRAPE  your website.

Click the SCRAPE AGAIN button and this clears the default image from your Facebook.

Let me know if this has helped. Even if you don’t post a lot on Facebook you still may want to Debug/Scrape your website. Just another part of website housecleaning.

Me Let's Discuss - Jeanswriting.comDid this change anything?

Have you ever used the Debug on Facebook?

Did I confuse you more? I hope not.







19 thoughts on “How to select the picture you want for your post

  1. If you’re blogging from WordPress, you can set the ‘featured image’.

    But from what I hear, the default image is going to be the largest picture on the page. If you’ve resized them on the page, but they were originally different sizes, try resizing them BEFORE uploading them to the site.

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  2. Facebook has been preventing me from changing my global side photo on my WordPress website. I tried all the work
    arounds and scraping over and over. We’ve disabled the Facebook plugin and are hoping it will work now. Haven’t had time to test it. Nord where my theme was developed did send another plugin to try. I need my IT son for that. I’ve wondered if other people were having similar problems.

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