How to pick the right editor

Last year, as part of the A-Z challenge,  I wrote a post about editors.

Picking the right editor is terribly important.

A friend had a few questions on the subject, so I decided to share a little bit about what to look for in an editor.

When I wrote a Children’s Picture book, A Most Reluctant Princess, I discovered the necessity of choosing the correct editor.

Not just any editor but the right editor.

I needed an editor that worked with Children’s Picture books. Not general fiction or thrillers.

How do you know who is right for you?

Part of it is intuition, make sure you click with the person you pick.  But do your research. In some situations, you may need more than one editor.

Not all editors are created equal.

  • A Content Editor, also known as a Structural, Developmental, or Substantive editor looks at the big picture. Often rewriting segments of text to improve readability and flow and identifies problems with clarity.
  • Line/Copy/Stylistic Editor goes line by line to spot grammar, paragraph and sentence structure issues.
  • Proofreader goes over the manuscript after the editor looking for glaring mistakes.

Some editors offer more than one service. They may combine their skills as Content and Line editor.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Here are a few… 

  • Will they provide a sample?
  • Do they have references?
  • What format will they accept? Electronic or paper?
  • What exactly is the service they offer?
  • How much do they charge? By page, word or…?
  • How many rewrites will they edit?

Most important pick an editor that works with your genre.

Tell me, have you used an editor yet?

Are you planning on hiring an editor?

What type of editor?

Where did you find your editors?

Below are a few links to read more about the types of editors and what they do.

Share your experiences in the comments. I can’t wait to read them.

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Know Your Stuff: Different Types of Editing  By Catherine Dunn

Want a great product? Get a good editor by Jean M. Cogdell


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