Do you have fun being you?

Do you enjoy practicing your creativity?

Well, time to practice and have fun at the same time.

Because we’ve all heard practice makes perfect, right?

Maybe you’re like me and always equated practice with drudgery. Not fun. Trust me, anyone mentions I need to use my treadmill for anything other than hanging laundry and we’re gonna have to talk. Not gonna happen. 

But if we practice what we love, what we enjoy, what makes us happy that puts a whole different spin on the concept. Too bad I don’t enjoy running.

The point is, don’t let your writing become work or an exercise you dread waiting until inspiration strikes. That spark from your muse may not show up each and every day but you can still enjoy your talent and the art of becoming a writer. At least according to Kurt Vonnegut.

What did I learn from her article?

  • Not writing makes me miserable, so write something, anything.
  • Writing doesn’t have to be hard unless I make it difficult.
  • Every time I string words together, I’m practicing. WOW.
  • Enjoy the trip, not the destination.
  • Stop comparing myself to others.

Now I’m gonna go practice becoming a writer. What about you?

I hope you enjoy the following encouraging article as much as I did.

Click and read…

This 2-Word Quote From Writer Kurt Vonnegut Will Change the Way You Work   Jessica Stillman/Oct 11, 2017

What did you think about Vonnegut’s two words of encouragement?

Are you practicing becoming?

Tell me what you think, I’m interested.

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