How to avoid a scam? Pay attention and read

Don’t skim emails, read carefully and you can avoid big mistakes.

Thanks to Terry Ambrose I realized October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Why is this important?

Because those little ghosts and goblins ringing your bell this month aren’t the only spooky gremlins out to trick you. Nope.

There are hackers are lurking in our inboxes, on web browsers and social media just waiting to pounce.

So pay attention people.

Keep your computer security updated. Remember what happened when Equifax put off updating theirs when alerted? Yikes! 

I know it is so overwhelming. Write blogs, read blogs, read and sort emails, pay bills, and in-between all of that finish the damn novel. I’m tired just writing this to-do list. Well a few days ago up popped on my computer screen these dreaded words, WARNING YOUR SECURITY HAS BEEN BREACHED SHUT DOWN AND UPDATE.

I have no idea what I clicked on! But I spent the rest of that day updating and cleaning up files, not writing.

But back to the post by Terry Ambrose. His great post came a day late for me but is a great humorous reminder that we just need to pay attention.

So, hop over and read

McKenna’s Take by Terry Ambrose 

His reminder, to stay alert and pay attention, will make you smile.

Now tell me… 

Did you know that October was NCSM?

Is your computer secure? Need to check on that? I’ll wait.

Do you click and scan emails or read carefully before clicking from unknown senders?

Has your computer been infected recently?

My inquiring mind wants to know… 


Here are additional links to read more about Cyber Security Month.

 Inception of National Cyber Security in 2004

Cyber Security Awareness Planning Toolkit

October is a spooky month for cybersecurity awareness

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22 thoughts on “How to avoid a scam? Pay attention and read

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Jean. If I get an email that looks legit, I usually hover over the URL to make sure it’s going where it’s supposed to go before clicking on it, or even better, I just go to the URL I have saved/bookmarked to avoid scamming.

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