Do you think music inspires you when you write?

Or do you feel as to if the sound of music distracts you from your project?

For me, music is a distraction.

However, I’ve read a lot of articles from many writers about how music can set the tone and mood for their story.

Today one such post caught my eye and I thought maybe, just maybe I’m missing out on an important writing tool.

Read and tell me what you think.

8 Styles of Music to Help You Focus While You Write by 

I love music, country music is my favorite, although I’ve been known to listen to all types. From Bach to Jay-Z with lots of Willie Nelson and Jimmy Buffet in the mix. Yeah, my taste run wide. All depends on my mood at the moment, and of course the song.

Oh, one exception might be polka. Meh, not a fan. 

So, after reading this post I began to think maybe, you who enjoy writing to music are on to something.

Writing with Music Issues:

  1. Dance music. Tempted to dance instead of writing. Did I mention I love Country/Western?
  2. Oldies. Drifting down memory, lane not good for writing a murder mystery. Love the Beatles. See, very eclectic.
  3. Soundtrack. Now, this has possibilities. Will have to give this idea consideration.
  4. Folk, Pop. See #1.
  5. Jazz or Classical. Time for a nice glass of Rose on the back porch. So easy to procrastinate.
  6. Electronic. Never considered this type of music. But I’m gonna say it is close to Polka on my scale.
  7. Music in a foreign language. Ooh-la-la. Dim the lights and pour the champagne. No writing tonight.
  8. Video Game or Movie Soundtracks. Yes! This is a keeper and great links.
  9. Ambient Noise. Nope. I’ll be drooling on my laptop. Noise machines are what we use for the grandkids to help them sleep.

Somehow I ended up with one more than Dana but you get the idea.

What I want to know is does music help your writing? Or do you find it another avenue for procrastination? 

Do you write more, or less, when the room is filled with music?

What is your favorite musical style to write by?

Let me know which works for you. I’m really interested.

You can always stop by my other locations and say “hey!” I’ll leave a light on. 

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24 thoughts on “Do you think music inspires you when you write?

  1. I actually watch movies and TV shows while I right. I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve always needed that visual distraction since the time I was in high school. I work much faster than I do in absolute quiet.

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  2. Until very recently, I wanted absolute quiet while I wrote. As of late though, I have doubted this more and more. The summer months have made me open the windows to birds chirping, dogs barking, and the occasional vehicle on my residential street. My ears perk up to the sounds, making me mentally step back one step from my writing, giving me a slightly different perspective on my project and physically untightening my shoulders. Maybe this is a good thing.

    If I had my druthers, I would probably pick smooth jazz like Kenny G.

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  3. Excellent question. Depends on the music and the mood of writing. When I get home from teaching after a great “moment” and beat a path to the computer, the Beatles are just fine. When I’m turning things over in my head and hit the computer Sunday morning, Frank Sinatra or classical is just fine. When I’m writing in the evening, no music at all. Just quiet on the back porch.

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  4. I seem to be more inspired with the right music. Usually classical or showtunes . I’m also a big fan of Owl City. Lol… My children think it’s hilarious. 😆

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