What is the first thing you see?

When you choose which book to read how do you decide?

Me? I look at the name, cover, and the number of reviews. In that order.

Why in that order? Because a name can tell me a lot about a book and sorry, but I do judge a book by its cover. The cover doesn’t have to be a smashing, professional, polished job but the cover must match the name and pique my interest.

As for the number of reviewers, well I want to see how many have read the book and the ratio of star reviews. Because, yes quantity is as important as quality. The reviews need not all be four or five-star reviews, but if there are only a few, they should be glowing, knock it out of the park reviews to grab my attention.

Now I’m ready to see what everyone had to say. This may surprise you, but I read the lowest star review first, not the five-star. 

Why? Because I want to see the reason someone would give a book a low rating.

Often I learn more from them than the high ones. And believe it, or not, the three or four-star reviews have on occasion enticed me to click buy.

So don’t be shy. You picked that book for a reason. Share your reasons for picking it, and reading it.

The author and other readers will be grateful.

How do you choose a book to read?

Do you always leave a review? 

Do you at least click a star review?

Talk to me – I love comments.

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18 thoughts on “What is the first thing you see?

  1. I didn’t realize it but I do exactly the same as yourself: “whats this called, does it look good, any reviews?” AND I flick straight to the lowest reviews because these are often more telling than the 4-5 stars. I won’t necessarily avoid a book with low reviews, but I use them to make my choice more than a shrillish, OTT positive review.

    > Do you always leave a review?

    Almost always – I’m addicted to reviewing, I should probably stop…

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  2. I mostly listen to book recommendations and reviews, then read the blurb/cover copy to see if my interest is piqued. I love your method of reading the one-stars to see what they say! I’ll have to try that.


  3. I’m with you, I always read the 1 star reviews first to see what the criticisms are. Also it makes me suspicious to see, say, 5 reviews all 5 star and glowing.

    I generally identify books to read from recommendations, including those given by amazon and goodreads that are based on other things I like, but always refer to reviews before buying.

    I leave star ratings on goodreads and review them in full on my blog if I have something useful to say without spoilers.

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      1. I use Goodreads because I like that it keeps a list of what I have read, progress, and challenges. There are some good reviews on there too so I check reviews on both sites before I decide whether to read something.

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  4. I judge a book by its title most of the time. Right now I’m reading them according to how many pages it has. I remember reading Ayn Rand’s book, it had 1108 pages, it took me a while to read, ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ was the title. At this moment I’m reading an Urdu novel written by a friend of mine. 🙂

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