Are you ready for the unvarnished truth?

About blogging?

road-humps-ahead-246_960_720Not many of us know what lays ahead of us when we begin blogging. The bumpy road is a surprise and we are never ready for all the strange things we encounter.

However, the following post The Ugly Side of Blogging by Elena Peters, is a must read for anyone ready to take the blogging plunge. Or a confused blogger.

Ms. Peters lists 21 truths about blogging that many of us didn’t see coming before we were hit like a truck running a red light.

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  • #4 – Please, I have fiddled with my format, theme, and pictures so much this blog had an identity crisis to rival Sibil.
  • #5 – As a writer, don’t most writers think about quitting every single day? Maybe it’s just me.
  • #7 & #15 & #17 – Lies, Free & Trust. Oh yes. The internet is floating in lies, freebies, and people to be trusted. Right, best keep a lifeboat handy when you launch into the deep waters of blogging. And one last thing, before you pay big bucks for a writer’s course, make sure it’s sold by someone who as actually written a good book.

I enjoy blogging. It’s fun to put my thoughts out in the world and see what pops back to me but I’m not making any money. That would be lovely but not necessary.

Now selling my books, that’s a different balloon of another color. I’d love to make money with my books.

Did any of Ms. Peters “truths” speak to you?

Which ones?

Any surprises?

Have you been burned since you began blogging? How?

Leave me a comment – I love comments.

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10 thoughts on “Are you ready for the unvarnished truth?

  1. I started blogging purely out of curiosity. One of my online course participant started blogging, I had no idea what it meant. Without thinking I felt Oh I want to join the community too. The facilitator of my online course encouraged me and I was ready and willing. It’s all about writing someone told me. But what can I write was my question?
    One of my online course participant told me to translate Tagore’s poems, because I am a Bengali. When I opened Tagore’s fat book of poems, I wasn’t sure I could do it, at the same time I didn’t want to admit I won’t be able to. I took the difficult step of translating the work of a Nobel prize winning poet. The guy who encouraged me read my translation and told me I did a good job. This was my beginning, I didn’t quit I’m still writing. 🙂

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  2. I definitely fiddled with my theme for a long time, but that’s settled now. I feel like I have found its identity in the last six weeks and have been able to focus on writing (hopefully good!) flash fiction every day, without wasting time mucking about with themes etc. I’m doing an MA in Creative Writing, so too late with the ‘big bucks’ advice, but it’s been worth every penny so far 🙂

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