What do you think about blogging myths?

Do you believe everything you read?

Sometimes it’s hard not to. I mean those wrinkle creams pictures look amazing.

Okay, sometimes maybe I take the internet and especially Facebook posts way too serious. Guess it’s time to consider the source, and do a little homework.

Here’s my take on her list of myths:

Thumbs up, I agree it’s a myth. thumbs up           Thumbs down, I disagree, it’s a fact. thumbs down

  1. Keyword certainty. Definitely a myth. We all know nothing is certain but death and taxes. thumbs up
  2. Posting every day is not difficult. Fact. Yes, I believe it’s hard, especially if you are writing other things, like say a novel. thumbs down
  3.  Write to beat writer’s block. Can be- fact. I think writing helps some writers beat the blank sheet but it certainly doesn’t work all the time for everyone. See #1 thumbs down
  4. For the best promotion, pay for it. Myth for sure! I don’t like the pay to promote services, sounds phony. thumbs up
  5.  Write whatever you want, forget about an audience. Hmm, maybe, maybe not, but if you don’t enjoy what you’re posting I bet dollars to donuts you’ll soon quit. This goes in my fact column.thumbs down
  6.  Always promote new content. Put this in the myth column. Updating and adding new info to old posts is just smart. Everything changes. thumbs up
  7. You can’t know the best time to post. She suggests this is a myth and that you can determine the right time to post. I disagree. I rarely read blogs, emails or Twitter at the same time every day. The world is a busy place.thumbs down
  8. Blogging can help your writing. For me, this is a fact. Because I believe, writing of all types encourages creativity. thumbs down
  9. You can blog fast. Oh, this is so a myth. If you believe this I’ve got a bridge… thumbs up
  10. Blogging is lonely. Sometimes but it doesn’t have to be, I agree this is a myth. I’ve met some lovely people. thumbs up
  11. No way you’ll predict which posts will be successful. I think this is not a myth but a fact. Some of my most successful blog posts have been complete surprises. thumbs down
  12. Your “about page” should be about you. Well, I’m on the fence about this one. Each blog is as individual as the people who read or write them. I think this is might be the case for certain bloggers. But it’s a personal call. For me a fact.thumbs down
  13. Google penalizes duplicate content. Yay! A myth. Glad to hear Google is way too busy to worry about little ole me. thumbs up
  14. Google penalizes link swapping. Myth. And I just learned a new term. Gotta check it out. Janice gives a good link for more info. thumbs up
  15. Google penalizes link backs to your older posts. Myth, and if you don’t know how to do this Janice has a link. thumbs up
  16. Hop from WP.com to a self-hosted site and lose your followers. Whew! Glad to know this is a myth. You may need a little help but it can be done. thumbs up
  17. To have a successful blog approach it like another job or chore. This myth made me laugh. I’ve enough chores thank you very much. When it’s no longer fun, quit. thumbs up
  18. Churn out post after post and you’re a blogger. Boy oh boy is this ever a myth. There’s a lot more to blogging than that. See #17thumbs up
  19. People don’t read content on the internet. Aren’t we all glad this is a myth? Busy people spend what little time they have using the internet to stay informed and connected. thumbs up
  20. Blogging advice is a waste of time. For my take on this myth, see #19. LOL

Now head over and read what 

20 Blogging Myths That Will Make You Blog Worse

We all want to debunk blogging and writing myths. So tell me…

Which myth gets under your skin?

Know one Janice or I missed?

Let’s talk about it in the comments section. 

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6 thoughts on “What do you think about blogging myths?

  1. About #16: I used to have my own domain. I didn’t revert back to WP because of a loss of followers, but the followers did increase. Yes, you read right. The number grew when I came back to WP. I think part of the reason is people who use WP are looking more desperately for followers, so are more likely to follow you. Another reason is the community spirit within WP. A third reason is a person has the helps at WP to find the blogs that suits the personal taste in blogs. You’re not going to find these things out away from a blogging host site.

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