Have some of your favorites disappeared?

Those blogs you looked forward to reading?

Mine had!

Time for a little blog management.

So, thanks to Sue Vincent, that’s how I’m starting my week. With a fresh slate. Can’t wait to read what I’ve missed all these weeks.

Sue explains that for some mysterious reason, WordPress apparently on occasion turns off the email notifications. frog-wow

I must admit to feeling a little relieved. At least this means I’m not completely crazy and that the gremlin inside my computer hasn’t totally taken control. Whew!

Below you’ll find a little self-help video I made that shows how easy it is to check and see if some of your favorite blogs have been turned off.

Now hop over to Sue’s blog post and read her post.

Here we go again… the wonderful Happiness Engineers have been playing. I thought it had gone very quiet… and while I realise that it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the great o… Source: The empty inbox… by Sue Vincent

Okay, clear as mud right?

Did you find any of your favorites turned off? 

Do you check this feature regularly?

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10 thoughts on “Have some of your favorites disappeared?

  1. I follow way too many blogs and simply can’t read them all. I’m self hosted through WordPress.org but still can access the WP reader and still have a WP dot com account (long story…I migrated my blog to self-hosting with Bluehost through WP guided transfer services–worth the $$). I just changed email addresses and had to go into the manage sites and re-do each and every e-mail notification. It was worth the time! I try to follow those I turned off on the Reader. Your blog is definitely on my daily e-mail list 🙂

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  2. There’s a few I’ve personally put on “no emails” for a while because the posts were getting so repetitive. This happens to a lot of bloggers [I guess]. They get on an obsession that they find hard to let go of. Eventually they do and I like their posts again. Instead of deleting they from my list and having to go find them again, I just stop email for a short time. If followers want to do that with me too, that’s fine by me.

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  3. Thank you for showing me/us how to turn on or off the email thingy. I was wondering how, now my email won’t get as clogged up sometimes.

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