Is it just me?

Am I the only person going nuts with all the pop-up boxes on websites and blogs?

Enough already! It’s as bad as dealing with 20 commercials every 10 minutes during a television show!

Come on as frustrating as that is, I’m used to it and avoid the dreaded avalanche by recording and fast forwarding through the commercials.

But I just thought TV commercials were the most frustrating sales pitch. Right up there next to the telemarketing phone calls during dinner.

That is, until someone invented the website pop-up box!

Sign up

This trend needs to fade away and soon.

I hate clicking on a new website, only to have my screen blocked by a huge square wanting me to either, a) buy something or b) subscribe for a newsletter. 

We all want more readers and followers. We all want people to like our blogs, and buy our books. However, I’m not sure startling visitors with a gotcha is the way to do it. 

So what do you guys out in cyberspace think? I’m I off my rocker here? Do you mind the pop-ups?

Let’s talk. Tell me what you think. Convince me I’m wrong. Pull me over to the dark side. LOL

I concede some of my readers might want to add a pop up box and I do aim to please. So I hope the following video helps.

How to add a pop up box to any website.

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22 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Many of these sights also require that you click through a number of pages to read and the pop ups show up so much that it is maddening enough to read the article let alone deal with the pop ups. Which is stupid. If I can’t read the article I’m too stressed to be interested in whatever they are trying to shove down my throat.

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  2. You nailed it! I, too, am fed up with them and trying to find the tiny little X that lets you get rid of the box. They’ve never gotten me to buy anything! Wish there were a box-blocker like the call blocker we have on our phone. We installed that to get rid of the 100s of political fund-raising calls, 800 numbers and other ulcer inducing pests!

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    1. Right you are! Those tiny little X’s are so aggravating! I think they make them tiny on purpose. LOL Here lately the call blocker seems to have stopped working at my house. Need to re-submit my number.


  3. My fingers are on auto-function and the x to close the whole site gets pressed. I don’t bother reading the website. I’m unsubscribing (generically just in case the “important message” is spam) my email list of “you have subscribed to this because you subscribed to …” ie I added my email to another person/group’s newsletter or product I wanted. “don’t give or sell your info” message – if for example you subscribe to “Marketing 101” then if “101” also has 102 – money, 103 – courses, 104 – products then you are likely to end up on all lists – ugggggh – 4 x daily/multi-daily stuff for your email. Pop-up boxes – steer clear.

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  4. Pop-ups drive me bananas! It’s starting to feel like every website apart from my own has this. They’re especially annoying on mobile – I often find I CANNOT read what I went to the site for because I can’t scroll past the pop-up and if I click to close it shuts the site. Fine. I’ll go elsewhere!

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  5. Pop-ups are annoying, but there’s too much money in advertising for them to disappear. Ladies Prism is coming soon to romance the world. Scotian Breeze is the movement. Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company. History in the making; stay tuned.


    1. Thank you! Me too! So glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels this way. I know companies, publishers and writers want to sell their products – so do I – but please stop hitting us over the head. Thanks for the validation. 🙂

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