Do you know how to get permission?

Music inspires the soul.

But let me tell you, getting permission can get complicated.

I am a big Country Western Music fan, but to be truthful, I enjoy all music, from Rap, Hip Hop, Country to Classical. One of my favorite memories is of the radio always on and always filling our house with music. 


A good song is just a story set to music which often spurs on a thought and then that thought blooms into another story. At least that’s how it works for me. 

Which is why I found David Hewson‘s article regarding song lyrics so enlightening. Read for yourself… Click HERE.

I once wrote a flash fiction piece where I used a line from an old hymn. The piece called Precious Memories. The piece was long listed on a couple of contests and got great reviews. However, I’ve yet to publish it. After reading this article I did a lot of research and think I’m in the clear. Whew! Close one. 

Let me tell you, I’ll follow Mr. Hewson’s advice and avoid song lyrics from now on.

How about you? Have you ever used a song for inspiration? Ever used the lyrics in a story?

Does give one pause, doesn’t it.

In addition to doing the usual Google search, you might find this Public Copyright site useful. 

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