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If you want to get the word out to your target audience, click and read how.

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How Authors Can Find Their Ideal Reading Audience


13 thoughts on “You must read this article

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    Found thiis today on Jean Cogdell’s blog, It’s a guest post on Jane Friedman’s site, so you can be sure it’s good. It addresses something that’s been plaguing me since I republished my horse-racing mysteries: how any book can stand out in a daily barrage of dozens of titles spammed (it feels like) at random. Targeting markets has made more sense to me from the start, and this article provides some specific steps to get that done. Let me know if you have any additional ideas!

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  2. Terrific, Jean. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking: Those spam marketing emails bury individual books in the flood. I’ve been trying to think how to locate people who might like action-heavy horse-racing mysteries like my repubbed books, and this site showed me a lot of new ways to reach that audience. Great post!

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