Do we overdo some words?

Are we using words correctly?

We all know about waste words, but what about over doing the descriptive words? Has the definition changed? Research, research, research, now I’ve got to research my words. Sigh.

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No one wants their writing to be boring. But in our quest to use different words and mix it up a bit, sometimes we miss the mark. At least I do. Thankfully, I’ve a great critique partner who reigns me in. Thanks Sheila!

In my effort to get my reader to see what is in my head, I often times use a superfluous (fancy, right?) word when a plain one would work better.

Writers on the Move published a post by Melinda Brasher that made me rethink these types of words. Head over and read…

Your Character’s Smirking…or Is He? Synonym Pitfalls.

What do you think? Are any of these words tripping up your story?

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