Don’t fall into these traps

Newbie blunders and traps, I’ve fallen into them all.

Yep, at one time or another I’ve used horrible clichés, just to mention one of the traps that shout, Newbie.


Want to avoid these mistakes, then click and read…

Writing Fiction? 10 Common Writing Errors That Make You Look Like a Newbie by 

Now go forth and write like a pro!

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3 thoughts on “Don’t fall into these traps

  1. Thanks, Jean. I’ve found that #5 comes up often in my writing group. In order to further a plot–we know what needs to happen, but aren’t always sure how to make it happen–we have characters do and say things that *ordinary* people wouldn’t choose to do or say. (Made-up) example: Would parents today leave a young child alone in a house so he could conveniently be kidnapped? As a writer, I’d want to lay careful groundwork for such a decision. In my own case, I value my writing group for their ability to tell me if my characters are reacting believably to events or dialogue. My fellow writers are great at catching unmotivated actions or reactions!

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      1. Yes! I’ve written about them lots of times at Just Can’t Help Writing. In fact, there’s an interview with the founder and president that can be accessed via a sticky post–the group, Green River Writers, has been in existence since 1986!

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