Should content trigger emotion?

Whether I’m writing a story, novel, or blog, I try to trigger an emotional response from the readers.

Big or little I hope my readers feel something other than boredom.

I love it when I become totally lost in a book, movie or TV show. Don’t you?

Time stands still or flies by on the winds of a hurricane. And when I reach the end, I sit back and savor the story. Full and content as if I’d just dined at a fine restaurant.

One day I hope to write something that captivating. Because nothing is worse than boring my readers.

I want my readers to feel something, fear, embarrassment, curiosity, hate, love, or disgust. Anything is better than nothing.

So, what is it that makes some stories better than others?


  • Is the power to hold somebody’s attention completely or irresistibly.
  • Something that inspires great interest.
  • To be completely absorbed in something interesting
  • To charm, enthrall, or lure.


listThat’s my goal! To write a story that holds a reader’s attention totally.

So what ignites such fascination?


Head over to and read how to use the magnetic force of fascination.

7 Steps That Will Hook Your Audience through the Magnetic Force of Fascination by  

Tell me….

How do you fascinate your readers?

How do you stir emotion in the words you write?

You’ve made it this far so take a few seconds and share with me your tips for writing with emotion and fascination.

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