Are you ready for prime time?

Well, I’m not, not yet anyway.

Getting ready to release on the world has more steps than stitches in a quilt.

Or so it seems. As I type this post with trembling fingers I’m moving on to the next step.

Beta Readers.

Someone once told me to never fear asking.

She said, “What’s the worst that can happen? You already have a no.”

I try to remember her advice. It comes in handy when I need to boost my nerve, like today.

My children’s book may not be ready for prime time yet, but after going through one editing process, it’s time to move on to the next stage­ with Beta Readers.

According to the glasgowdragonfly there is a beta reader selection methodology. Who knew? Anyway, she gives 10 things to remember when searching for Beta Readers.

If you are considering Beta Readers, I recommend you read her article before starting.


Okay, #1 – done, #2 – I’m breathing, so on to #3 – Searching for independent feedback.

Because you guys were so helpful with cover suggestions, I’m turning to you again.

I’m looking for Beta Readers who have children, or grandchildren between the ages of 6-10.

So if you can help a writer out, please email me at and I’ll forward you an e-copy or a pdf copy.

Now, next I must decide what to ask.

After reading umpteen suggestions on what to ask, I’ve come to the conclusion the questions should be tailored to the project. Just like each genre, story, or writer, no size fits all.

But some of the articles I found were very helpful. But, never fear I’ll keep my request short and simple.

Questions for Your Beta Readers by Jodie Renner

In Ms. Renner’s article she gives us feedback from several of her clients. Here I think you’ll find questions to work for any genre.

Ten Questions to ask a Friend Who Just Read Your Novel by Lydia Netzer

Okay, give me a shout-out if you’re willing to read my little book. 

About my book:

The story is about a little boy named Ben, who doesn’t believe he is any good at sports. Growing up in the shadow of an older sibling, who is a star athlete, can be difficult.

At the insistence of his parents, Ben discovers he can do anything if he tries and in the process make new friends.

This book is for young readers, between the age 7-9 yrs old and Grades 2-3, who are bridging the gap between early readers and chapter books.

A Quick Guide to Beta Reader Etiquette by K.M. Weiland


Thinking of asking Harry to be my first Beta.

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Thank you!
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8 thoughts on “Are you ready for prime time?

  1. I am excited for you Jean and all the best with moving forward.

    However one thing I would like to suggest, is not to rule out “Beta Readers” that may not have a chick or child or that may be younger. For they may still have a lot of maturity and exposure to children whether it be via taking care of their family’s children or mentoring kids. For example I don’t have any children yet, but I have been mentoring the same two at-risk girls for some years now and watch them grow up. Had them since they were 12 and 15 and now they are 16 and 19. So although I don’t have them fulltime I still spend a lot of time with them and have learnt a lot about children and growing up in the process. Just a thought, in case some readers with that same MO is reaching out to you :). Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right! I apologize for my shortsightedness. . If you are willing, I’d love to get your insight into my children’s book. Please email me and I’ll send you a copy. Thanks for the reminder, to not limit myself or others.


    1. Thanks for the good wishes. However, as someone pointed out to me, not having young ones is limiting myself as to good Beta Readers. If you’d be willing, I’d love to send you a copy and get your take. Send me an email and I’ll shoot off a copy to you.


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