Does your title feed curiosity?

Do you need to change the title?

Connecting with readers is our goal as writers.

So what comes first?

The cover or the title?

A cover draws the eye to a book, but a title should tweak a reader’s curiosity enough to open that book.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their feedback on my cover. You pushed me to do better. Which got me to thinking about the title.

I’ve never been quite content with the title, and this unease led me to do a little research. Letting go of a “working title” is not easy and finding a new one even harder.

A working title gets a writer started on a story line, at least that’s what works for me. More times than not, the title or the first line is what inspires me.

But often after the story is finished, the “working title” no longer seems to fit. Like pants that are a bit too snug after a week of overindulgence, the story has out grown the title.

Here are my questions….

How do you, as a writer, produce a memorable title?

How does a writer pick a better fitting title?

When do you know the title is just right?

Be it a song, short story, flash fiction or a novel, the title must stay with the reader.

As with an old TV show, Name that Tune, will readers be able to “name that book?”


a) I am Malala

b) Wonder

c) Go Set a Watchman

d) 50 Shades of Grey

I know matching these 4 books is easy. Everyone remembers NYT Bestseller books. So fingers crossed our books will be as memorable!

In the following post, Carol Benedict gives 6 brainstorming ideas to help get the title just right.

How to Choose a Good Title for Your Story by Carol Benedict

Mr. Floyd writes that a good story might never be read if the title fails to do its job. He gives a few rules to guide us as well as sources to jog the imagination.

Choosing the Right Name for Your Story by John Floyd…

A staff writer over at Writers Relief, talks about just how hard coming up with a killer title is. You might want to click on this link to read the listed “elements” of a good title.

How To Come Up With A Great Title For Your Book (Or Story Or Poem) by Staff Writer.

And then there is this post by Karen Woodward. She gives us more links on how to brainstorm titles and…

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Title For Your Book

Now, tell me…

How do you pick a title? How do you know when the title fits the body of your book?

You’ve made it this far so give me a few more seconds and share your technique for writing a killer title. Then please share on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!
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4 thoughts on “Does your title feed curiosity?

  1. I feel that angst. I went with my working title because my senior editor liked it…still have some doubts, but now I’m on Book 2 of the series and there is now a series title, Book 1 title and Book 2 title, all related…so for good or bad, I’m stuck with it.

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  2. I feel your pain about the title. I’ve had 70 (no kidding) titles. I’m hoping the publisher finds a better one but I’m ok with the title “du jour.” It’s lasted far longer than any other the other 69.

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