Who do you click and read first?

If you’re like me, there are a few writers I read first. Clicking on their emails is automatic.

Why? Because they’ve written something that will inspire and get my brain ticking in almost every post.

So they are my first clicks.

How did I find them? By following bread crumbs of links left by you guys!

Some days my writing suffers because I get so caught up in clicking and reading, but other days after reading a tip or go-get-um post I’m fired up.


Love her tag: Turn heads wearing nothing but your words. 

This post that got me fired up and thinking about my WIP.

I’d never really thought about my fiction writing as “Good Copy” but now my brain is churning. thinking upgrade

Seems to me “Good Copy” is what engages the reader, no matter the format presented.

Jackie Johansen, points out in this post how important it is to humanize our words, our stories and connect with our readers on a very basic level.

Our writing is our product and if the reader doesn’t feel it, believe it or care, they will put your book back on the shelf or click delete.

Something to ponder.

I hope you’ll blog-hop over and get a little nugget to help you too.

Now get to writing something profound!

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Thank you!
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