What to do with those ideas

Well, I’m still on the idea kick.

I’ll leave the subject for a while after this post. But I couldn’t resist one more after reading FROM IDEA TO STORY: SITUATION & COMPLICATIONS by Chris Eboch.

My last couple of posts have been about finding ideas. Okay, now that we’ve found an idea or a dozen what to do with them. Hmm….

Ms. Eboch explains if an idea is just running around in your head, like a hamster on a wheel you may have a premise rather than a story plan.

So what to do with this premise?

She breaks it down in simple to understand steps. Here are some highlights. To read the full article click on the links.

#1 – Situation

Needs a main character with a problem or goal.

#2 – Complication

That makes the goal difficult

Try the “rule of three” the main character tries to solve the problem three times.

Secondary characters can contribute to the problems and solutions


#3 – Climax

For a feeling of breathless speed, keep the sentences and paragraphs short.

#4 – Resolution

In most cases, it’s best for the main character to resolve their problems or meet their goals themselves.

The resolution finishes the climax, but it comes from the situation: it’s how the main character finally meets that original challenge.

I hope you enjoy her articles as much as I did and turn those premise nuggets into full grown stories. And this bit of fun reliving the USA FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 victory.

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4 thoughts on “What to do with those ideas

    1. Me too. I hate when a story fails to come full circle. Even if the ending is left a bit to the readers imagination, there are still several hints to lead to a logical conclusion. Thanks for your input Kristina!

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