How to Reveal More

Show vs Tell is something I still struggle with.tell me

Often I find my writing is more telling than showing so I just go with that to get the story down and then I go back and show the scene to make it more revealing to my readers.

Thanks to Writers in the Storm for a great post by Shannon Donnelly Tell Better; Show More

Telling alerts the reader to something that is unimportant. Love number 3 tip… “3 – Use telling to alert the reader that the character is relatively unimportant. This is where a lot of writers get it wrong by telling too much about the main character, which makes that person seem unimportant.”

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Here’s mine:

Made me wonder if he was selling Log Cabin Syrup, salvation or inviting me to have sex. Either way, with eyes dark enough to get lost in, and that cute dimple on his right cheek, I was in deep shit. My heart fluttered and my ears buzzed as his words faded into white noise. I fell hard into two deep, smoldering wells.

Your turn! Show me yours!

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