Breaking the Rules

Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

Right, wrong, good, bad and in-between. I read, write, join, submit and re-write until at times I can no longer recognize my story trying to conform.

For me, following rules are hard. I need to understand the why, the how and the need for the rule. In writing, there aren’t a lot of explanations for most of these so called rules. I was so excited to read todays post from Anne R. Allen’s Blog. She set me free. Thank you Anne. Writers go forth and write!


4 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules

  1. I love the linked post from Peter. I also try to “wing” it than follow all the rules. I followed so many rules being a raised Catholic. I try to “think outside the box.” I just want to be me, write and be me. JM its a pleasure to read what you write.


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