Do you procrastinate?

English: W.I.P.
English: W.I.P. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Monday and I’ve accomplished nothing. Read emails, and played on my computer putting off the things I need to do. I’m close to finishing my first novel and here I sit twiddling my thumbs. I take Saturday and Sundays to relax and read for pleasure. But getting back to writing on Monday is not easy.

In my defense I did read a couple of blogs about writing. Does that count? I’m in a funk and trying to pull out of it. My WIP (work in progress) is stalled too. I need to throw something wild in the story line to jar both myself and my characters.

How do you overcome the Monday blues? How do you overcome the desire to just veg instead of pushing the characters in your WIP? How do you motivate yourself when your WIP is stalled.

Now that I’ve wasted the morning with my whining I’ll go fix lunch. Maybe something to eat will get the juices flowing. Ooh this website looks interesting, think I’ll read this first.

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