May the lights of Paris forever shine bright!

This morning I’m filled with mixed emotions.

Joy, that my daughter and granddaughters were safe when the madness of cowards struck Paris, but sadness for those in Paris who weren’t.

Joy, to see lights all over the world shining in support of Paris, but sadness that for a brief moment in time the lights of Paris flickered. However, most proud that the lights never went out.

Je suis Paris!

lights around the world 2
San Francisco, CA USA
Sydney Opera House
Shanghai, China


This famous City of Lights holds a special place in my heart. Not just because my family lives there, but because there is no other place that is like Paris.

eiffel tower at-night

As my daughter reminded me last night, Paris did not break in WWII and these cowards will not break the city now.

To all my friends in France, stay safe – Paris is resilient and strong.

Je suis Paris!

eiffel tower TLC