Forever Changed

I’d planned a very upbeat Christmas post for today. I’ve been very excited about the holidays, decorating and wrapping presents, but then my heart cracked and the post I’d planned late in the night last night stuck in my throat as I watched the news today.

christmas paint
christmas paint (Photo credit: cassie_bedfordgolf)

Tears filled my eyes as I thought of the moms, dads, grandparents, and other family members whose lives were shattered today by this selfish person. There are no words to convey how sadden I am for the families in CT.  

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Promise Remembered

Mile after mile the markers passed, I rested my head against the window with eyes unable to focus for the tears. Too many years since I’d been home, but it wouldn’t be long now. My heart hoped the reunion would be a happy one, but my stomach, in knots, had doubts.

English: Green window

English: Green window (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jerked from my musings I joined the other passengers and stepped outside in the cold air. It wasn’t far, my feet knew the way. Soon smoke lifting from the chimney and the smell of hickory moved me back in time. I stopped at the small white gate, my breath caught, for there as promised in the kitchen window stood the flickering flame. She appeared, and I watched as she slipped a wisp of grey behind her ear.

She’d remembered her promise. My tears started again, and I felt my heart pounding as the creaking gate shut behind me. Snow crunched under my feet bringing a smile to my wet face. I’d missed white holidays, and snuggling up by a warm fire.

 I hesitated for, but a moment, burying my face into the fresh pine and holly wreath before I lifted my hand and knocked. I waited, listening to the sound of shuffling on hardwood floors as she made her way down the hall. The delicate lace curtain parted over the small window, and the porch light blinded us both as she opened the door.

 Now I wasn’t the only one crying. “I’m home. You can blow out the candle now.”

 This piece is for the following writing prompt. I didn’t use all of the 500 words but I found the  juxtaposition of senses an interesting challenge (To link the sight, smell, and heat of the flame). I hope I succeeded and you enjoyed the piece. Let me know what you thought in the comments section and if you’d like to join in the fun click on the link below.

The prompt is about neither candles nor Iowa. Unless you want it to be. This prompt is about being inspired in by the juxtaposition of senses. I’m giving you a photograph and a song. From there, be inspired. You have 500 words.

FSF Armor

I take a deep breath, remembering my mother and grandmother before her, both women of strength. Now I must find that inner strength and wrap my soul in an invisible armor of steel to protect me. The hot winds will not shake me nor break me as I stand enfolded in love. The spirits of those who came before me and the one who stands beside me will sustain me. Nothing can break me, not tonight.

Five Sentence Fiction – Armor