Love or hate, you don’t have to be stuck with Gutenberg

That’s the name of the WordPress new block editor, Gutenberg.

Here is what happened to me.

I was writing a new post and noticed at the top of the page was this…

Unfortunately, I clicked.

I think I’ve mentioned before how click-happy I get at the sight of a button. I’ve set off alarms and disabled gadgets just because I couldn’t resist a button. Just ask my daughters. LOL

But, back to this mess. I spent an entire day researching how to get back to the Classic Editor. Plugins are not an option because my blog is not self-hosted. Using the Gutenberg Block Editor made me feel as if I’d stepped back in time, not moved forward. WordPress really needs to rethink this option.

After wasting hours, I finally went to the Chat feature. Yay! Success. Within seconds,  customer service reverted my blog editor back to Classic. A friend did show me there are 3 dots on the top right corner that will give you a choice to switch back to Classic Editor. Guess I should’ve just called her. LOL 

So if any of Y’all end up with this horrible block editor, don’t sweat it. Just go to HELP and then CONTACT US to chat with someone. They were great.

Tell me…

Have you switched to the Gutenberg Block Editor yet? Love or hate?

More info…

Is Gutenberg the End or a New Beginning for WordPress?








28 thoughts on “Love or hate, you don’t have to be stuck with Gutenberg

  1. 🙂 The Gutenberg editor is way better now. I experimented with it when it was in the beta stage and found it to be horrendous.

    When I found out that WordPress was going to make Gutenberg their default editor, I learned everything that I could about it via the help of YouTube videos and blog posts.

    I have learned to find my way around the Gutenberg editor; I actually switched to it before WordPress made it official.

    The real nightmare is when you have to use Gutenberg as a page builder for the self-hosted version of WordPress (

    I am okay with Gutenberg being an editor, but not as a page builder.

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  2. I read the reviews and it took 30 seconds to decide I’d wait six or nine months until all the bugs were fixed and other folks became happy with it. It’s like what Consumer Reports or any auto magazine will tell you–don’t buy the totally revised model the first year. Wait until the next one.

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  3. That is me too! “I think I’ve mentioned before how click-happy I get at the sight of a button. I’ve set off alarms and disabled gadgets just because I couldn’t resist a button. Just ask my daughters. LOL”

    I will use the classic version as long as it goes.

    All the best to you


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  4. 2021 is not happening tomorrow. By that time WP may have done many changes to the Gutenberg editor. As we know, glitches exists in all new platforms and need bug fixes. I am waiting before switching. I want to enjoy writing without the frustration of a new editor. It works perfectly for me as it is. Why worry about 2021 now.

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  5. I’ve been using Gutenberg since January 1st and love it. The layout of posts looks far better (in my opinion), and it does several more things that the classic editor does not. I’m still learning lots about it, but I am finding that the more I use it, the quicker I am at drafting posts. Sure, it does take getting used to, and there’s a learning curve, but with WordPress discontinuing the classic editor from 2021, I think it better that you start using it sooner, rather than leaving it until a few days before the classic editor is abandoned altogether by WordPress.
    Like you, when I first clicked on Gutenberg, in December, I panicked and quickly changed back to the classic editor. Then I decided to do away with my fear of the unknown and started playing around with Gutenberg. Within a few hours, I was hooked. I’m glad I gave the new editor a chance because I’d never go back to the Classic editor. For me, it was like moving from slow, standard (not always working) wi-fi, to high-speed, high-performance wi-fi.
    I hope you’ll give it another try, Jean.

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  6. I, like you, went to Gutenberg when my WordPress had a major update. I tried it and got quickly frustrated when I couldn’t figure out how to do simple things I had done previously. I too switched back to the classic editor. Then I read a post (please excuse me I forgot where) that WP would end the use of the classic editor in the future. This same post made me aware of a plugin named ‘Advanced Rich Text Tools for Gutenberg. It will allow you to change the color of words to emphasize, insert images, video, etc. All those things we do with the classic editor, yet couldn’t figure out how to do with Gutenberg. So I switched back to Gutenberg and have begun the learning curve to use it. The way I look at it if we are going to be required to use it and WP states it’s is an enhancement over the classic, then I should take the time and learn it.

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  7. This info is awesome, thank you Jean. Like you I did the same to satisfy my curiosity, but realized soon enough, ‘All that Glitters Is Not Gold.’ Lesson learned, I am trying to be careful. 🙂

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