15 thoughts on “Concentration camps at the border: a moral stain that will taint America forever.

  1. It’s so obvious that Trump supporters are driven by fear. And there’s no reasoning with fear. If the media can lie (as stated in an above comment), so can border guards – and they have more incentive to do so than investigative journalists. Thank you for taking a stand, Jean ❤️

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      1. Indeed! And add to that, no lifetime appointments for the Supreme Court. In fact, in my opinion, all public offices should be elected positions with job requirements. And… I have a list a mile long!

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  2. Just an fyi for someone who wrote Obama did this. Obama did not do this. NO PRESIDENT EVER KIDNAPPED CHILDREN AT THE BORDER and put them in cages, and most likely sold the babies by now.

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  3. I cannot remain silent either. Let me get this straight. According to border agents close to 90 % of these children of various ages are unaccompanied in the company of child traffickers not families. They are not in cages they are in housing facilities that provide clean housing a bed, three meals a day, healthcare, and other social services WHILe our government tries to figure out who truly belongs with whom. So all of you crying moral outrage and posting incendiary and untrue articles would rather 1) release these kids into the hands if their smugglers rather than keep them safe for a while, release everyone so that they bypass our laws and disappear into our community to overwhelm our schools and resources. While others stand in line. Where was the out fry when Obama did this? Bush? There was no outcry. What about Late Stinley and others like her would have been forever separated from their families. These parents sent these children across a desert or sold them to smugglers and when our government tries to give them shelter and process them do they can stay/ we’re the bad guys? Sorry, I’m not buying this propaganda. These kids are being taken better care of under the circumstances than they were trekking across the desert


      1. Neither does crossing our borders illegally and using children to do it! Immigration is a serious issues, one everyone should be interested in coming to the table to solve. The left and dishonest marketing media has done nothing to help solve the problem. All they are doing is demonizing those of us who beleive in borders and the rule of law. The president has offered multiple times a fix for DACA among other things but the democrats do not want it! They want the issue. As for the 90 % that came right out of the mouth of a border agent in charge of the south border. He was furious with all the lies and misleading media propaganda. He said they are doing their best to protect the kids. He even said many of the younf girls are sent with plan b given to them by their mothers because the mothers knew the smugglers would probably rape their daughters many times before they reached the states! Listen to those on the border doing the jobs instead of the biased and lying media.


  4. I congratulate you for your courage to take a stand on a site that is non-political and intended to connect with fellow writers and perhaps prospective readers. I agree with your point completely. I will get to this and more on my eclectic blog that includes political topics, later today.

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  5. I agree one hundred percent to remain silent means I consent. Jean I’m so glad you brought up this subject. What is going on is horrific, we must not sacrifice our children for the mistakes of adults. 😦

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